BSBMT IMPACT meeting May 2019 “Statistical and design issues in trials”

Slides are here.


Warwick CTU 15th January 2018 “The Secret Life of the Confidence Interval”

This talk didn’t happen (or hasn’t happened yet) because I sprained my ankle badly when running the previous evening, and spent the morning at hospital getting it checked.

Slides are here

and my script for the talk (which  is approximately what I would have said) is here


CRN West Midlands Grant and Fellowship Conference 27th March 2018

I gave a talk on study design for EME Programme applications.  I don’t think I said what people were expecting at all but I had some positive comments. Here are the slides and here is the script (which I didn’t really use).  They recorded it too so I’ll link to that when it’s posted somewhere.


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